The Wedding of Katy Chiu and Carl Zipperlen

By Bob Howard In Memorials & Celebrations


Katy and Carl


Saturday morning, June 24th, at the Milleridge Inn Cottage in Jericho NY, with a rooster preening outside and a dog processing inside, I briefly donned my Marryin’ Sam mantle and officiated at a wedding for one of my junior highs and his soulmate whom he met for the first time at Pier 25A in Bayside NY. Carl Zipperlen, in his mid-forties, the junior high, and Katy Chiu, in her thirties, were the center of a nuptial celebration with a few noteworthy features.

First and foremost was Lacey, Carl’s dog of uncertain pedigree. She was flower girl and ring bearer, strewing petals down the aisle while safely carrying precious white gold treasure. The processional music featured the Mineola String Quartet playing Clarke, Pachelbel, and Handel. At the couple’s request I added a ritual question for them so that they could respond, “We do,” the theme of their wedding invitation. The printed program contained cameos of the bride and groom; and thumbnail photos of Lacey and her furry colleagues, Katy’s cats, Copper and Maui. I delivered a message, printed below, on the double entendre theme of advice from a best friend.

The cocktail hour offered food and drink from every corner of the world., fare sufficient to last the rest of the day. Nonetheless, a generous main meal followed with your choice of whatever menu item you usually look at wistfully but dismiss for its expense. The guests danced into the wee hours of the afternoon.

L. to r., Best Man, Andrew Delrosario; Flower Girl and Ringbearer, Lacey Zipperlen; Bride, Katy Chiu; Groom Carl Zipperlen; and Maid of Honor, Judy Chiu 

Here's the message Marryin' Bob delivered:

Advice from a Best Friend

I relay to you some good advice given me by a best friend of yours. You know whom I mean, but for the sake of cluing in your friends and witnesses this morning, I use the “best friend” identification as in the phrase “man’s best friend” (woman’s too). Here’s Lacey’s advice.


When you greet each other in the evening after work do so with uncontained joy. Wagging your tail excitedly would be great; but it’s probably too hard for two legged creatures to manage. Just be sure to kiss and smile and make some intimate noises so that the other will know there’s no one in the world who makes you happier than she/he does.


Something else: always hope for the best when the other is in mind or view, no matter what the disagreement or the upset circumstances under which you last parted. I’ve done as much for you, whether I was patted or kicked the last time I saw you. Someone once said, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” I say let the warming sun shine every moment you see him/her.


I’ll be there in the house to remind you. Maui and Copper promised to help too.


Thank you, Lacey.


Once upon a time my little dog, Tappy, and I preached a sermon in church on the text in Romans 8, where the Apostle Paul hinted that the world full of animals and flowers is looking to us to get things right; that the whole world groans in labor pains waiting for us to receive redemption. Which arrives when we follow the advice of another Best Friend, not a furry one, but the one about whom we sing, “What a Friend We Have.” I believe I heard an echo of that best friend in Lacey’s advice. About being of good cheer. About forgiving.


I heard even surer echoes of that best friend we have in Jesus in your Email to me a month ago in response to my request that you share with me what you want for your marriage. Topping the list, of course, is love, as in loving your neighbor as yourself… and who, after all, is going to be your nearest and dearest neighbor for the rest of your lives? You both want the same thing, to be with each other, to have and to hold, to cherish and serve, to journey in the world together in gladness, especially because of each other’s company, the way your parents have, the way God meant marriage to be.


Take Lacey’s advice. Jesus’ too. And hold to your own expectations. The years pass swiftly, but you’ll make the most of them. Together.


Chiu Family
L. to r.: Katy's parents, Bih-Ling and Dr. Joseph Chiu; and the extended family with the bridal couple.
Zipperlen Family
To your left: Carl's Dad and Mom, Charlie and Edie Zipperlen; to your upper right, Carl's twin sister, Linda Artusa; and lower fight, Carl's brother and wife, Chuck and Carole Zipperlen

Following a honeymoon in the Caribbean Katy and Carl will reside in Carl's home in East Rockaway.  He continues to work in the pharmacy at South Nassau Hospital.  Katy continues to work as accountant for a federal agency.


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